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Building Efficiency with ICF Foundations

The energy and cost saving alternative to traditional foundations.

If you could easily improve the quality and efficiency of your home, why wouldn't you? That's why we choose to use ICF foundations in our new home builds. This high-performing system is the clear choice when it comes to building sturdy, efficient, and well insulated homes.


What is it?

While they look a little bit like children's blocks, these bricks are actually reinforced molds made of polystyrene foam. Our crew assembles the interlocking bricks, and then concrete is poured into the cavity. The foam casing remains, protecting and reinforcing the concrete.

Why use ICF Foundations?

The Build

  • ICF foundations provide a superior environment for the concrete to cure, creating a foundation with nearly double the compressive strength of a traditional foundation.

  • This excellent curing environment allows us to build later into the season, at temperatures as low as -15°C.

  • The ICF blocks are quick to assemble.

  • They are compatible with all home layouts.

The Long Term

  • ICF foundations have a vastly superior insulative value (R20+) where regular concrete foundations have less than R3.

  • There is no need to build a frost wall that eats up precious floor space.

  • High insulative values mean that your home is more energy efficient.

  • They are extremely sturdy, meaning they are wind, fire, termite, and earthquake resistant.

  • The foam coating around the concrete actively works to reduce moisture, cracks and leaks in the foundation.

All of these features lead to a better product for our customers, and a healthier, more cozy home.


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