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Fostering Communication Through Technology

The Buildertrend Connection

Like many other areas in life, in our industry communication is key. With so many moving parts in the home building process, it is crucial for information to flow quickly, accurately, and to all the right people. Thankfully, we are now able to leverage technology to our advantage with project management software; enter Buildertrend.

Our #1 focus is making our customers dreams come true, and Buildertrend is one of the tools that we use to make sure everyone involved is on the same page and headed in the same direction. Superior project management is the core of our customer service commitment.

Our Customers

  • Receive training on our easy-to-use software

  • Have full transparency on every aspect of the project, from chosen materials, to budget status, to who is on the job site.

  • Benefit from the reduced risk of a well-managed project

  • Are able to view and add photos of the project and directly communicate with the Project Managers.

  • Have full control throughout the project, with the ability to reject or approve changes in an instant

  • Receive customized service on a flexible timeline

Our Staff

  • Maintain quality control by completing daily logs with photos.

  • Have direct communication to the customers, project managers, and contractors involved.

  • Have access to all building plans, product selections, and special instructions which allow them to work more efficiently. Efficiency saves time and money!

  • Are able to monitor and measure performance and use that information to continually improve.

  • Are committed to customer satisfaction!

Using this technology, we are able to supervise all aspects of a project and catch any potential problems before they get out of hand. We are able to maintain control of the project from start to finish, with our customer leading the way.


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